Belinda Delgado


REALTOR®   |   CaDRE 01941465

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Belinda Delgado is a true entrepreneur in the world of Real Estate.  Having owned her own business for ten years, she worked doing construction defect litigation, real estate appraisal, and flipping properties. In these fields, she honed unparalleled negotiation and pricing strategies, as well as built a vast network of clients and connections. When she decided to become a licensed Realtor, the transition was an easy one, for the skills she had acquired and referral-based business she had grown lent themselves to incredible success in her community.

Beyond just business, Belinda is truly passionate about the people she works with as a Realtor. Her greatest reward is the joy she is able to bring to her clients, and the lifelong relationships that she forms. Real Estate presents constant challenges, and Belinda consistently delivers phenomenal results, be it finding a family’s dream home, or selling their current one for the highest possible value.

Now as a member of the Connors Real Estate Team and Dudum Real Estate Group, Belinda is equipped with the most cutting-edge marketing and legal tools. In addition, she brings not only her knowledge, but the experience and wisdom of her whole team to every transaction.

When she is not working, Belinda is spending time with her beautiful children, loving husband, and exploring the beautiful Bay Area. The Delgados are a very active bunch- as a former professional soccer player, Belinda’s husband coaches soccer in their local community, while Belinda can be found training for her next half marathon! They reside in the fabulous town of Brentwood.